Gravitec Instruments was established in 1996 with the goal of building and commercialising gravity and magnetic gradiometers.

The Gravitec sensor technology is centred on an innovative approach to gradiometer design. This revolutionary methodology employs a "string" or "ribbon" as the detection device. The string device has the unique ability to detect gradient signals with a single sensing element, as opposed to conventional gravitational instruments which are based on multiple accelerometers.

There are numerous commercial and deployment advantages to the Gravitec gradiometer sensors, including their lack of moving parts, very small size and weight, low capital and operating costs, and flexibility in terms of deployment alternatives.

A wide array of new applications is envisaged for the sensors that can be configured to measure the full tensor gradient components of either the magnetic or gravitational field. The applications include airborne, ground-based mobile, static, and borehole environments.

Associations are in place with major mining, petroleum, governmental, and academic institutions. Gravitec is anxious to discuss its unique and exciting technology with interested parties who have an interest in the detection systems and their applications.