Magnetic Gradiometer

Gravitec's single sensing element technology naturally distinguishes between gradiometric signals and other parasitic signals. This unique capability allows extremely high levels of accuracy, sensitivity and reliability.

Gravitec Magnetic Gradiometer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 280 x 30 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Bandwidth: DC - 1 Hz
  • Current Sensitivity: 0.1 nT/m/√Hz flat response (room temp operation)
  • Target Sensitivity: 0.01 nT/m/√Hz flat response
  • Gradients: Bxy , Byx , Bxz , Bzx , Byz , Bzy
  • Full-scale Range: ± 10,000 nT/m
  • Resolution: 24 bit sampling resolution
  • String frequency: 650 - 850 Hz


Magnetic Gradiometer Applications

Airborne total field magnetic data is commonly acquired. Addition of the gradient measurement will enable more reliable calculation of magnetic properties and geometries of subsurface bodies. Higher quality images can be produced as well. Gradient data also has more high frequency information, allowing for higher resolution data at standard flying heights or equivalent data at higher, safer heights.

Highly detailed surveys for diamondiferous kimberlite pipes, ferrous ore bodies, or unexploded ordinance (UXO)

High resolution magnetic gradients can be used to detect locations of buried or underwater cables

The unit cost of the magnetic sensor is lower than that of the gravity sensor.

Magnetic Gradiometer

Magnetic Gradiometer Assembly